Get Paid By Clix4Coins

Earn 3 dollars just for creating an account!!

Earning money on Clix4coins is very simple. A minimum of 4, and a maximum of 10 advertisements are available for you to view each day. For each advertisement you view you earn $.02. To qualify as having viewed the advertisement, you must have the page open for 30 seconds. In addition to earning money for viewing the advertisements yourself, you will also earn $.01 for each advertisement one of your referrals views.

Every Ad You Click: $0.03, $0.02, $0.01
Every Ad Referrals click:
Minimum Payout: $20

For Example:
You refer 50 people, and each person views an average of 5 advertisements a day. This will earn you over 75 dollars each month.

Payment Received
Clix4coins pays me $60 dollars so far. Request for payment can be made at any time and all payments are processed by Paypal. They pay you very fast, ustuall you can received payment within 48 hrs. Below is my paypal screenshot to proof the payment received:

Join Clix4coins and make money by clicking ads!

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